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Our varied backgrounds and experiences give us an ability to relate on a professional yet personal level to nearly any group.  We have worked and served in leadership in the following areas: manufacturing, education, retail, church, and emergency services to name a few.

We are passionate about clear and simple communication around key concepts that can be applied to one’s professional and personal life.

Our overarching goal is to help others reach their God-given potential.

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Michael Miller has a BS in Organizational Management and an MBA with concentration in Leadership and Ethics from John Brown University.  He has been an avid student of leadership and it’s potential for impacting people and organizations for over twenty years.  He also holds various certifications from and is a member of the John Maxwell Team.

The Verum Leadership Group is an extension of his desire to make a significant impact in leadership and personal development around the world.

Meet the Team



Michael L. Miller

Founder & President

MBA with concentration in Leadership and Ethics from John Brown University.  Certified coach, speaker and trainer with the John Maxwell Team.



Nancy P. Miller

Administrative Assistant

BA in English from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, vocal coach and music teacher.

Mike’s wife and all around good thing for 26 years.



Kenneth Maynard, PhD, FAHA.

Presidential Advisor

Presently serving on the editorial committees of the American Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Current Neurobiological Research, Current Neurovascular Research and Recent Patent Reviews on CNS Drug Discovery.

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