New Year

As I contemplate the beginning of a new year, I realize that some changes are needed.  It’s not that this year has been a failure or disappointing, I just simply want to see improvement in a few areas and greater overall significance in the new year.  I’m sure many of you feel the same need for improvement, so let’s figure out how to start this thing off right.

I started today by compiling a list of the people I need to invite to dinner each month.  Some inspire me, some make me laugh, others are just fun to hang out with – I need all of them, and my hope is that they also gain from my company.  I hope to encourage, teach, and make them laugh too.  I want to add value to their lives and thereby add value to those around them.  Never forget that our influence often touches more than just the one person.  It also has the power to touch the lives of their family, friends, and associates.

I realize now more than ever before how important it is for me to be intentional about life, and this list is just a small start.  All too often it seemed circumstances were in control of many aspects of my life. As a result, I failed to do things that were important to me and my family.  My journey to being intentional began several years ago when I decided to go back to school.  I knew completing my degree and later an MBA wasn’t going to happen on it’s own – I needed to take action.  Yes, the sacrifices were many and the hours were long, but it was absolutely worth it and most importantly, I reached my educational goals and grew as a leader in the process.

My journey is far from over.  There are new people to influence and goals to reach, and to do that, I must be intentional.  How about you?  Isn’t it time to be intentional about the new year?

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