Respectfully Listen

I am glad the election campaigning is over!  If you’re like me, you quickly tired of the he said/she said from both sides.  What would have happened if both sides had sat down and respectfully listened? Could it be that people generally want the same things: freedom to choose for themselves, security, safety, a better life than the previous generation had, etc.?  It seems many are ready to share their opinion, but not ready to hear another’s.

I’ve learned something over the years…listening respectfully to someone, whether you agree with them or not, shows them love.  And love breaks down barriers.  I have a friend who is very different from me.  She was raised differently.  She thinks differently.  She often has different opinions.  But because we have each learned to respectfully listen to one another, we have great conversations that challenge each of us and help to keep us sharp.  Over time, trust has been developed and because of that trust, we can disagree without either of us being offended.  In fact, we normally walk away from the conversations with a new appreciation of another’s perspective while keeping our individual values in tact.

So here it is in a nutshell – take the time to respectfully listen.  You might make a new friend and gain some valuable insight.

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