The Problem with Being Consistent

I’ve found a problem with being consistent….me.  In fact, it seems that’s where most of my problems originate.  As a human, I don’t like being consistent, being disciplined, and being faithful; I want tacos and ice cream, lazy days doing nothing but watching TV, and sleeping till noon, but a lack of being consistent and disciplined brings things into my life that I don’t want.  I don’t want to be overweight, but lack of consistency and discipline in diet and exercise brings just that.  I don’t want to be broke, but lack in discipline in finances can bring that into my life.  I guess the real issue here is deciding what you really want in life and keeping that dream before you every day.  The dream has the power to fuel your passion. When you focus on the dream, the need to be consistent and disciplined doesn’t seem difficult anymore.  If your dream is to buy a house, then the discipline to regularly save doesn’t seem like such a big deal.  If your dream is to run a marathon, then saying no to tacos and ice cream isn’t as difficult.

Do you find that your ability to be consistent and disciplined is lacking? Is your “don’t want to” bigger than your dream?  If so, you need a new dream.  Take the time to dream today.  Think big. Take the limits off.  Don’t listen to the naysayers who are afraid to dream. Everything is impossible until someone does it.  When you find the dream, make a plan on how to achieve it, and stay consistent until it happens.

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